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From receiving and directing patients and visitors to making cups of tea or rolling play-dough, our volunteers are committed to assisting patients and families through their Hospital experience.

Our volunteers have become an essential part of The Townsville Hospital and Health Services District, their work is recognised and appreciated to an extraordinary degree. Townsville Hospital Foundation, as a whole, prides its self on the enduring commitment and passion shown by its volunteers.

We're always looking to recruit new volunteers in order to expand and extend our services.

If this sounds like a volunteer role for you, take a closer look at some of the great things our Volunteers do to actively support The Townsville Hospital and how you can join us.

If you would like to volunteer with the Townsville Hospital Foundation please fill out the Volunteer Application Form below and return to the Volunteer Coordinator via email or post.


Post: Townsville Hospital Foundation
         PO Box 670, IMB 84
         Townsville, QLD 4810


Information Desk

Our ‘vollies’ meet and greet and guide with pride. From the moment patients and visitors arrive at The Townsville Hospital our trusty team are on hand to give directions, offer advice and help those less mobile get to where they need to go.

Service available Monday to Friday - 8am to 4pm

Gift Shop "Volunteer Hub"

Our gift shop sells a variety of gifts, refreshments, toiletries and newspapers or magazines for the convenience of patients and visitors. Volunteers in this area are required to have excellent customer service skills and handle money.

Service available Monday to Friday - 8am to 4pm

Convenience Trolley

The Foundation provides a full snack and magazine trolley service to all areas of the hospital. The role of the trolley volley is to make sure snacks and magazines are delivered with a smile to the bedside of patients staying at The Townsville Hospital and Sub Acute Unit.

Service available Monday to Saturday - 8am to 12pm

Courtesy Buggy Drivers

We operate a Courtesy Buggy service to all patients, staff and visitors of The Townsville Hospital. We have a team of 3 golf buggies, for the sole purpose of transportation. Currently, on any given shift, 2 buggies are operational. Our drivers are required to collect patients from various areas around The Townsville Hospital Campus and drop them to where they need to go. This service is particularly valuable to residents of Red Cross House and Leukaemia House who are constantly travelling to and from the Hospital.

Service available Monday to Friday - 8am to 4pm

Oncology & Cancer Clinics


These busy areas look after patients undergoing some of the most intensive medical treatment around and visitors to these clinics have some very special needs.

To help out, our Clinic Crew keep the refreshments flowing, offer companionship to those in need and act as a friendly face to patients and their families during what can be a emotionally challenging and often physically draining time.

Service available Monday to Friday - 8am to 4pm

Children's Ward


Our Children's Ward volunteers are extra special. Volunteering in the Children's Ward is not as easy going as you may think. Our volunteers help in many ways from providing entertainment such as craft or reading to meal and play time supervision. Our Children's Ward volunteers are highly regarded and have a considerable knowledge of paediatric health and behaviour.

Emergency Department

Emergency Department volunteers assist nursing staff in guiding visitors through emergency, providing a tea & coffee service to admitted patients, entertaining children and liaising with our Buggy Drivers to ensure patients and visitors are transported to and from the Car Park safely.

Women's & Children's Clinic

These clinics service a range of paediatric and well-woman needs. The waiting area is often packed full of Mums and little ones waiting patiently to attend specialists’ appointments. During the busiest times, our Clinic Crew take some of the pressure off Mums by reading and playing with the children, helping to keep smiles on faces while they wait.

Elder Care

Sub Acute / Med Ward 5

Volunteers in these two areas will encourage interaction with patients through activities and conversation. Simply reading a book or doing a ladies nails will make a huge impact on the lives of these patients. It is important that our Elder Care volunteers are comfortable starting conversations with patients and hosting activities for small groups.


Other volunteering opportunities:

Events All Year Round Can't commit to a weekly shift but still keen to help out? Sign up as an Event Volunteer and we'll contact you when we need help setting up, packing down and running events.A great way to get involved with our annual events like Book Fair, Wear A Bear Day, Give Me 5 for Kids and Dinner.
School Holidays Program School Holidays If you are a Year 11 or Year 12 student interested in using your holidays for a good cause then consider volunteering your time with us. Click here for more information about our School Holiday Program.
Merchandise Sales All year round You can raise money for the Townsville Hospital Foundation by helping to sell our THF and Bandi Bear Merchandise at different times throughout the year including the whole month of October for Wear A Bear Day.

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